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Movable house is a kind of movable house with light steel structure as the frame and color steel plate as the main raw material. The construction is time-saving and labor-saving. It also has the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection and convenient disassembly and assembly of fishing gear. It maintains the universality and standardization of temporary construction, which is its charm. It is an ultra light engineering building plate made of thick color steel plate as the base material, phenolic foam, self extinguishing polyethylene, polyurethane, glass fiber cotton and color steel plate as the core material, and heated and pressurized with dry heat setting adhesive in a continuous forming machine. Let's take a look at the advantages of Jinan color steel plate in the activity room.


  1. Various specifications: including enterprise, h, C, corrugated paper, etc. Bright color, no surface decoration design.



2. The installation is simple, which can reduce the cost of foundation engineering and infrastructure, and can be disassembled for many times, making the construction and installation of the project simple and easy.


3. Strong fire resistance: the core material is B1 flame retardant raw material with flame retardant grade 26, which is not easy to melt after ignition, no exhaust pipe emitting black smoke, and no high-temperature dissolved drops. It is China's advanced fire building decoration design decorative board and the main decorative material of GMP industrial plant.


4. The application temperature covers a wide range: the application temperature of the core material is - 70 ~ 120, which can reach 200 in an instant. When applied in ultra-low temperature or even low temperature natural environment, the core material is very small and does not coke. It is an ideal thermal insulation material for cold storage installation.


5. Low heat transfer coefficient (= 0, 041w / MK) and good heat insulation performance.


6. Non toxic and tasteless: the color steel plate core material is non-toxic and tasteless when ignited, and the overflowing steam will not damage the body and natural environment. In line with environmental protection laws and regulations, it is a new emerald green decorative material.


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7. Moisture proof: Jinan color steel plate core material belongs to organic chemical polymer foamed plastic. Its structure is network capsule type, with excellent water absorption resistance and water vapor hydrophilicity.


8. Light weight: 1 / 20 ~ 1 / 30 of the net weight of concrete flat roof.


9. The service life of the anti-corrosion coating of color galvanized sheet is 15-30 years.


The above are the advantages and characteristics of Jinan color steel plate applied in movable houses. The color steel plate has the characteristics of light weight, splicing and installation and free cutting. Its surface materials and thermal insulation materials are non combustible materials, which fully meet the requirements of fire protection specifications. Therefore, it is simple to install, greatly improves the benefit and saves the construction period.


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