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Jinan rock wool board has the effect of thermal insulation. It is mostly used in exterior wall buildings. Its service life is very long. It can be used in our life. Do you know the architecture of the product? How much do you know about this? Next, we will summarize it for you.
The system structure of rock wool board is mainly composed of bonding layer, thermal insulation layer, plastering layer, decorative layer and accessories. The bonding layer belongs to the building, between the bottom layer and the surface layer. The upper and lower layers are firmly bonded together with cementitious materials, and the filler is mainly inorganic XZM corpus. Insulation layer in order to avoid and reduce the heat loss of steam turbine to the environment, the insulation layer laid on the outer surface of steam turbine and pipeline is mainly filled with a certain amount of organic matter, moisture and binder. The finishing layer shall be light functional coatings such as finishing mortar and decorative mortar, or water-based exterior wall coatings with outstanding air permeability, so as to keep the light characteristics of rock wool composite board and increase its beauty. Various coatings are mainly used for accessories. On the one hand, the color of the surface of rock wool board is increased, so that it can be applied to any environment. On the other hand, coatings can play the role of flame retardant and thermal insulation to a certain extent.
Rock wool board itself is a good material, which can keep warm. Rock wool board has different functions in different fields and places. If rock wool board is used for external wall insulation, it is what we often call external wall rock wool board. The external wall rock wool board is very convenient to install and only needs to be laid on the external wall. During use, if the ambient temperature is controlled below 3, it can keep warm. And generally, the probability of rock wool board damage is relatively low, and the installation can reach the service life of at least ten years.
The characteristics of rock wool board are relatively stable. Good silica gel material is used as special waterproof agent, which has special waterproof and moisture-proof performance. In application, it can greatly improve the service performance of rock wool material, continuously improve its special properties in application, and give full play to its composite properties.
Generally speaking, Jinan rock wool board insulation structure is full of a large number of pores and air, and the existence of these pores will form one thermal resistance after another in the material, but it is also a superimposed thermal resistance. In this way, after a certain thickness of thermal insulation material, the thermal resistance becomes very large, so the heat flow will become very small to achieve the purpose of thermal insulation. Once immersed in water, its internal pores are filled with water, which greatly reduces the thermal insulation performance of materials that have lost thermal resistance. This is also the reason for the development and production of hydrophobic rock wool board.


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