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vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网越来越多的应用场景,但是真  正能把这个vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网厚度选择好的,不清楚的人还是很多的。今天大家来看看vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网怎么选择厚度。

There are more and more application scenarios of floor support plate, but there are still many people who don't know the thickness of this floor support plate. Today, let's see how to choose the thickness of the floor bearing plate.


There are more and more application scenarios of floor support plate, but many people still don't know the thickness of this kind of floor support plate. Today, let's take a look at how to select the thickness of the floor bearing plate.



The floor bearing plate is mainly used as the formwork, but there are also closed floor bearing plates as the structural part of the floor. Therefore, different customers will be confused when using it. Mainly reflected in: first, I don't know how to choose the thickness; 2、 Selection of materials. Let's first introduce the characteristics and design requirements of these two kinds of floor bearing plates:

一、开敞楼板承重板。此楼板承重板主要用作模板。他的要求是在施工阶段不能生锈,在施工阶段不能倒塌变形。一般来说大家的镀锌量不低于80g,但是由于市场竞争,一些钢厂生产的产品只有40g,或者设计院在建筑设计中不要求镀锌内容。就这样,常见的镀锌卷被广泛应用于各种小型建筑中。大家也遇到过很多使用开 放式地板承重板的项目,这些项目对镀锌有一定的要求:例如南京绿地项目,yx51-226-678地板承重板需要镀锌120g。

1、 Open floor bearing plate. The bearing plate of this floor slab is mainly used as a formwork. His requirement is not to rust in the construction stage and not to collapse and deform in the construction stage. Generally speaking, our galvanizing quantity is not less than 80g, but due to market competition, the products produced by some steel mills are only 40g, or the design institute does not require galvanizing in architectural design. In this way, the common galvanized coil is widely used in various small buildings. We have also encountered many projects using open floor bearing plates, which have certain requirements for galvanizing: for example, Nanjing Greenland project, yx51-226-678 floor bearing plates need 120g galvanizing.


2、 Closed floor bearing plate. As the bearing part of the floor, the design institute will have material requirements and galvanized content requirements (Q345B material, 275g). But in fact, some of our customers will reduce the material requirements when choosing: for example, the profile steel plate of Shucheng gymnasium adopts Q345B material with thickness of 0.8, and there is no requirement for zinc content. In fact, this is not in line with the design - but this is the reality.


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