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With the development of construction industry, there are a large number of buildings with color steel sheet roof structure in China; The roofs of large factories or logistics warehouses are made of color steel plates; However, after use, the phenomenon of water leakage of color steel sheet roof is relatively common, which has attracted attention and attention! So how to do waterproof of color steel plate is a problem, and how to do waterproof is even more a problem! The common water leakage parts are color steel plate gutter, plate seam, nail hole and other heterosexual parts; Now let's briefly comb out how to construct the special-shaped parts of color steel tile by Xiaobian?

雨水口、空调管线、天沟、墙体、风机根部等重 点渗水部位,要铺贴一层附加层,宽度为300mm;或根据实际需要,对重 点易渗水部位加贴附加层,檐口部位要进行包檐处理。重 点渗水部位的处理方法说明如下:

An additional layer with a width of 300mm shall be paved at key water seepage parts such as rainwater inlet, air conditioning pipeline, gutter, wall and fan root; Or according to the actual needs, additional layers shall be added to the key parts prone to water seepage, and the cornice shall be covered. The treatment methods of key water seepage parts are described as follows:



1. Nail hole


Nail holes are easy to rust and should be pretreated with sealant.


2. Junction of wall and wall


A 5cm × 10cm square groove shall be cut on the wall, the bottom of the groove shall be calendered, the waterproof layer shall be pasted on it, and then filled with anti crack mortar; Or directly fix the waterproof layer with metal strip on the wall, and then seal the closing part of the coiled material with sealing material.


3. Junction of roof column and roof slab


This is one of the parts where the steel structure roof is prone to water seepage. Metal water retaining strip or metal waterproof board shall be welded above the waterproof layer to alleviate the impulse from above the steel column; The upper coiled material shall be constructed by winding method to prevent the coiled material from falling off; The upper part of the water baffle is sealed with sealing material.


4. Roof gutter


The water seepage of metal roof gutter is common, and the main reason is the insufficient design water flow. When encountering a severe rainstorm, the amount of rainwater increases sharply but cannot be discharged. When the accumulated height of rainwater exceeds the height of the wall below the eaves, the rainwater will overflow from below the eaves.


There are two methods to solve this problem: increasing the drainage outlet and waterproof the gutter. Here, only the gutter waterproof treatment method is described. Cut the roof slab extending into the gutter along the edge of the gutter, then fold it in half with 50cm wide white iron sheet, and then press it into a certain angle. The angle is about equal to the included angle between the roof slab and the gutter. Insert one side of the iron sheet under the roof slab and fix the other side on the gutter wall with rivets


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