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With the rapid development of floor bearing plate, its application is more and more extensive. The commonly used floor bearing plate mainly has 65mm high vertical edge and 25mm low vertical edge. In recent years, more and more buildings use floor bearing plates. Why is a 65mm high vertical edge often used?


Mainly because of the needs of engineering design, the high vertical edge has better load capacity and wind resistance than the low vertical edge, which can better meet the needs of roof design and specifications. You should know that the big difference between high vertical edge and low vertical edge lies in the supporting structure.



The 65mm high vertical side floor support plate adopts the vertical locking and biting system. First fix the aluminum alloy t support and the secondary purlin, and then bite the floor support plate and the plum blossom head of the t support with the locking machine. In addition, the thermal insulation pad is installed under the t-support and fixed with screws, which can prevent the electrochemical reaction between aluminum components and steel and effectively control the cold bridge effect.


The high vertical edge adopts a special edge locking machine to connect the roof panel with the t support into a waterproof and wind resistant whole. Under the action of positive and negative wind pressure, it can well carry the repeated tearing force and construction load on the t support, and can effectively avoid the plate extrusion and tensile deformation caused by uneven stress, making the system structure very safe and stable.


25mm low vertical edge floor bearing plate adopts vertical edge bite structure, and the bite mode is different from that of high vertical edge. The base course and purlin shall be fixed with self tapping screws. The base course and the panel are fixed with fasteners made of stainless steel or floor bearing plate materials. The roof plates are connected in a unique bite folding way. After the upper and lower plates are loaded and overlapped, they form a sealed whole with a certain waterproof and impermeable performance by 270 ° single bite or 360 ° double bite.


Because of the different supporting structures, the load resistance of the two is also different. Therefore, in the metal roof engineering, especially the long-span building roof, the high vertical edge roof structure with higher strength and more stability is mostly used.


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