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When making C-section steel, the manufacturer of C-section steel needs to comply with the requirements of the specification. Otherwise, it can not meet the needs of the market and let everyone use it, especially in the production form of C-section steel outer frame. Today, Jinan C-section steel manufacturer will give you a specific introduction to the production requirements of C-section steel?


  1. In the process of making C-section steel, the section steel is mainly made by cold bending technology, and then a variety of accessories are used to connect them into different combinations of C-section steel. It can reduce the steel consumption of the project and reduce the load-bearing capacity of the building roof. Therefore, it is also called economic steel by C-steel manufacturers. It can replace the traditional steel purlin such as steel pipe, channel steel and angle steel.



2. For the outer frame of C-section steel, in order to improve its stability during operation, C-section steel manufacturers will use its steel-concrete composite structure. Its bearing capacity is transmitted to the structure through direct lines. At the same time, the form of outer frame increases its stability.


3. The structural cutting of C-section steel is mainly carried out on equipment such as sawing machine or shear machine. This is very important for thin-walled steel roof truss, so as to ensure accurate blanking. This method can improve work efficiency and ensure quality.


4. At present, C-section steel produced by C-section steel manufacturers is mainly used in roof system or ground system. Its installation site is the roof platform and outdoor place. Its installation angle can also be adjusted, and it can bear great load for wind.


C-section steel is a new type of building material. Its strength is very high, and the performance of section is also very excellent, which is one of the reasons why it is more and more widely used. At the same time, the appearance of C-section steel is very beautiful and can play a good decorative role. If you need C-section steel, you can consult Jinan C-section steel manufacturer


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