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As more and more rock wool boards are used for exterior walls, the purchase volume is also increasing. Do you know how to accept the ordered rock wool board and what are the standards? The following Jinan rock wool board manufacturers have sorted out some information to share with you, hoping to bring you help.


  1. Color: maintaining the overall consistency of color is a secondary requirement for rock wool board of exterior wall. The original state is opaque. If the color distribution is uneven, the visual effect will be very poor.



2. Surface finish: This is the basic standard of rock wool board for exterior wall. Generally, the qualified products have good hand feel and good visual acceptance effect of rock wool board for exterior wall. No fold, small gap, defoaming and edge warping.


3. Tightness: the spacing between rock wool boards on the outer wall of the degumming place is very small, and the pipe joints are tight. Generally, the interval between degumming positions shall be less than 20cm2. The rock wool board of the outer wall shall be in full close contact with other materials for 3mm.


Before the construction of external wall rock wool board, preparations shall be made before construction: external wall masonry construction, local protrusion treatment, external wall window frame inspection and wall completion. power cut-off. According to the actual situation of the site, make the template, complete the template construction and acceptance, and then carry out large-scale construction.

其次,班组长和工人在建造外墙vnsc3775威尼斯城官网前一定接受安 全技术培训。施工应严格按照安 全技术交底的要求进行。提前准备好主要材料。之后做好锚固施工,外墙vnsc3775威尼斯城官网安装能够正常进行。

Secondly, the team leader and workers must receive safety technical training before building the rock wool board of the outer wall. The construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of safety technical disclosure. Prepare main materials in advance. After that, the anchoring construction shall be completed, and the rock wool board installation of the outer wall can be carried out normally.


The external wall rock wool board is an excellent non combustible material. Under the high temperature of 80 ℃, it can still maintain stable performance without causing any damage. Its thermal conductivity is also relatively low and will not cause accidents. Heat will be transferred to other objects. It has strong flame retardancy and good hardness. It will not be scratched when encountering hard objects.


The production process of exterior wall rock wool board needs to go through forming, trimming, slotting and other processes. The product structure is complete. In case of great pressure, the force bearing point is very general, which can withstand great resistance, and the color will change. It can be configured according to customer needs.


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