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Rock wool board is mostly used in construction and belongs to a kind of external wall insulation. When the organic insulation materials with a market share of 90% are stagnant, rock wool, as an inorganic external wall insulation material with a fire rating of class A, has ushered in an empty market opportunity. Therefore, many rock wool board manufacturers have expanded their processing workshops and fought a price war at the same time, so that the rock wool board price has a certain advantage and attracts more customers. Key points of construction during use are as follows:


  1. Before construction, the special construction scheme for energy conservation and thermal insulation of the project shall be prepared according to the requirements of the design, this specification and relevant technical standards, and the construction personnel shall be provided with technical disclosure and technical training.



2. The construction of rock wool board external insulation system for energy-saving and thermal insulation project shall be carried out in accordance with the reviewed and qualified construction drawing design documents and the approved special construction scheme for energy-saving and thermal insulation of the project.


3. The manufacturer of rock wool board external insulation system shall have personnel to provide on-site guidance during construction, and cooperate with the construction unit and on-site supervisor to do a good job in construction quality control.


4. Materials entering the site must pass the acceptance according to the specification, quantity and quality requirements, and shall be kept by a specially assigned person. It is strictly prohibited to stack in the open air. The rock wool board of curtain wall shall be stacked overhead against moisture


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