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Square pipe is a name for square pipe, that is, steel pipe with equal side length. 304 square tube is rolled from strip steel after process treatment. The surface of 304 square tube is covered with various protective layers to separate 304 square tube from corrosive medium. Seamless square tube is a useful method to prevent 304 square tube from corrosion.



At present, the commonly used external anti-corrosion coatings for buried gas pipelines of square pipe - galvanized square pipe - hot-dip galvanized square pipe - galvanized square pipe factory - galvanized square pipe manufacturer - Tianjin galvanized square pipe factory are mainly divided into five categories, including three-layer PE composite structure, epoxy resin powder, seamless square pipe, which adopts magnesium alloy to protect 304 square pipe, seamless square pipe, epoxy coal tar pitch and PE tape.

因为三层PE复合结构,环氧树脂粉末防腐涂层性能优异,所以也是欧美国家埋地管道中的主要防腐涂层,我国人们使用都是根据耐用年限,维护费等全 面的经济因素考虑的,所以将三层PE复合结构防腐涂层作为选择,一般在牺牲阴极保护法中。

Because of the excellent performance of three-layer PE composite structure and epoxy resin powder anti-corrosion coating, it is also the main anti-corrosion coating in buried pipelines in Europe and America. Chinese people use it according to comprehensive economic factors such as service life and maintenance cost. Therefore, three-layer PE composite structure anti-corrosion coating is generally used in sacrificial cathodic protection method.


Magnesium alloy is used to protect the 304 square tube. Because the 304 square tube will be damaged in the process of output current, the design service life of the selected magnesium alloy sacrificial anode is matched with the service life of the pipeline, so there will be neither waste nor increase the maintenance cost.


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