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For rock wool insulation board you are not very familiar with its products are widely used in the construction industry, then rock wool insulation board used in which places?


What are the suitable places for rock wool insulation board? In addition to the construction industry, the use of rock wool insulation board is also used for decoration materials. Because rock wool insulation board has a certain sound absorption effect, people living in big cities will prefer a quiet environment, so the choice of decoration materials will be more inclined to the rock wool insulation board with sound absorption effect.



Rock wool insulation board has very good chemical properties. It is one of the few class a non combustible building materials at present. It has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, heat insulation, non combustible and so on. Therefore, it is often used as raw material for making fire isolation belt. Usually, the products produced by high pole lamp manufacturers include the above basic configuration, and this configuration also ensures that the product can be widely used in square, wharf, station, highway and other scenes.


This is the place where rock wool insulation board is suitable for. If you want to know more about it, you can continue to visit our website, and then we will update new content.


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