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Spray painting is a kind of water-based material, which has certain advantages in the service life of Jinan color steel tile. The general service life is about 15 years. In other words, after the completion of the construction, if there is no special external force, the coating can maintain a good protection effect in 15 years. Why is the service life of Jinan color steel tile painting so long?


The coating product is made of modified silicone resin emulsion, and the special coating technology is used to coat all kinds of coloured paint into colloidal water color granules, which are uniformly and steadily suspended in the specific water dispersions. The coloration of various colored particles remains unchanged, and the pigment will not precipitate in water. So the service life of this kind of exterior wall coating is about 15 years.


Jinan color steel tile coating texture product adopts unique packaging technology, which makes the product completely water-based, with extremely low VOC content, greatly improving the service life of exterior wall coating; High fidelity, smooth concave convex coating surface, color mutual penetration, can imitate the color of natural granite stone; Environmental protection and energy saving, can replace precious stones and increasingly scarce resources, with professional imitation granite exterior wall insulation decoration, fully meet the national requirements for energy saving and environmental protection of building coatings; Excellent decorative effect, arbitrary color depth, arbitrary pattern size.


The combination of color design and natural stone style creates a luxurious and dignified decorative effect. It can also expand the design space through different seam design, improve the expression effect of Jinan color steel tile, and fully reflect the personalization. It has high elasticity, good crack resistance and good ductility, and can effectively improve the wall cracks caused by base cracking.


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