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众所周知,建筑物的质量取决于所用的建筑材料。如今,世界越来越重视环境保护,因此,国家提倡钢结构,vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网,钢筋桁架vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网等新型建材。从购物中 心和体育场馆等高层建筑到大家的个人住房建筑,也使用钢结构,vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网等新型建筑材料。如果材料质量较差,则可能会对建筑产生重大影响。那么大家该如何选择vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网型号及厚度呢?

As we all know, the quality of a building depends on the building materials used. Nowadays, the world pays more and more attention to environmental protection. Therefore, the country advocates new building materials such as steel structure, floor bearing plate, steel truss floor bearing plate. From high-rise buildings such as shopping malls and stadiums to our personal housing buildings, we also use new building materials such as steel structures and floor bearing plates. If the material quality is poor, it may have a significant impact on the building. So how do we choose the type and thickness of floor bearing plate?


Floor bearing plate is mainly divided into open floor bearing plate, swallow tail floor bearing plate and closed floor bearing plate. The open floor bearing plate is economical and the closed floor bearing plate is cost-effective. In addition, no matter what type of floor bearing plate, the higher the utilization rate, the cheaper the cost. The utilization rate = effective width / raw material feeding width.



But from the aesthetic point of view, the closed-end floor bearing plate is perfect. After the construction, the bottom of the plate is flat, the web fits, and there is a gap of about 3-5mm. If the ceiling is not made, it can be directly painted into the tongue and groove type ceiling (like aluminum gusset plate), or painted with water-based paint after putty to make the flat ceiling, or directly pasted with wall cloth or wallpaper to decorate the color ceiling; If you do the ceiling, you don't need to punch holes or fix it with expansion screws. You can directly fix it with two pieces of special hangers hanging on the 3-5mm web joint. Swallow tail floor bearing plate is the second. The above are the advantages of various types of plates. According to the requirements of the owner or the project, the selection of plate type will be considered from the perspective of aesthetics or economy.


The selection of the thickness of the floor bearing plate mainly depends on the thickness of the floor slab and the spacing of the secondary beams of the steel structure. This calculation has technical content. It is calculated according to the section modulus and section moment of inertia of the floor bearing plate. Generally, the thickness of the floor slab is about 120mm, so we suggest that customers choose the one with higher rib height.


In terms of load, we generally calculate according to the stress in construction, and according to the specification, the uniform load is 1.5kn/m2, and the concentrated load is 2.2kn/m2. Of course, this needs to be provided by the customer, which will be explained in the general design drawings. Some projects usually have equipment floors or floors with large loads. The slab thickness of these floors will be relatively thick, and the construction load and later load will be relatively large. We usually suggest that customers use thicker profiled steel sheet first.


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