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(1) Drilling is a common method in the manufacture of C-type steel purlin, which can be used for the hole processing of almost any specification of steel plate and section steel. The principle of drilling is cutting, with small hole wall damage and high hole forming accuracy. Drilling is carried out on a drilling machine. When the components are limited by the narrow site and the special processing parts are not easy to be processed by drilling machine, electric drill and pneumatic drill can be used for processing.


(2) Punching is done on a punch (punch). Generally, the hole can only be punched on the thinner steel plate and section steel, and the hole diameter is generally not less than the steel thickness. It can also be used for the processing of unimportant gusset plate, base plate, angle steel support and other small parts.



Punching production efficiency is high, but due to the cold work hardening around the hole, poor quality of hole wall, hole collapse and hole bottom increase trend, therefore, in addition to the hole quality requirements are not high, or as a prefabricated hole (unprocessed hole), C-steel purlin is less used directly. When the distance between the bolt hole and the bolt is large, that is, when the hole diameter is greater than 50 mm, flame cutting can also be used.


The above content is today for you to share about the commonly used C steel cutting and drilling methods and how to adjust the drilling pressure of all the introduction, I hope to help you, later need to call us or pay attention to our website: Jinan C steel Our staff will contact you in time


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