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The color steel tile that we see is deformed, mainly because the moisture in the color steel tile reduces its compressive ability, so it will appear deformed. Therefore, the drying treatment of color steel tile is a crucial process in manufacturing engineering, so what are the commonly used drying treatment and grinding methods.


The commonly used drying method is to dry the raw materials of the color steel tile with the soil kiln built by ourselves, so as to reduce the cost of drying the products. Because the earth kiln is heated by using the method of artificial Kang burning, the temperature is not uniform, and some of them are dried, while some of them still have a lot of moisture, and there is no chance of cracking and deformation.


所以除了要进行一次的蒸汽烘干以外,在加工之前还要进行第2次的微波烘干,是的水分能够从里往外均衡蒸腾。威尼斯人667801官网威尼斯人667801官网在施工的时分,需要对威尼斯人667801官网进行打磨,其意图是坚持它的漂亮性,确保施工的安 全性。关于它的打磨办法分为干打磨、湿打磨和机械打磨三种。

Therefore, in addition to one steam drying, the second microwave drying should be carried out before processing, so that the moisture can be evenly transpiration from inside to outside. Color steel tile color steel tile in the construction time, need to polish the color steel tile, the intention is to adhere to its beauty, to ensure the safety of construction. There are three grinding methods: dry grinding, wet grinding and mechanical grinding.


In order to improve the work efficiency, mechanical grinding method can be used in large area construction of mechanical grinding color steel tile, such as electric grinding machine, disc type and oscillating type. Sand paper is used for dry grinding, which is suitable for grinding hard and brittle paint. The defect of this kind of grinding for color steel tile is that a lot of dust will occur in the operation process, which will affect the environmental health.


Wet grinding uses sandpaper dipped in water or soapy water to polish the color steel tile. Water grinding can reduce the wear marks, improve the smoothness of the coating, and save sandpaper and labor. However, when spraying the base paint after water grinding, one is to wait until the water grinding layer is completely dry before applying the base paint. Otherwise, the paint layer is very simple and white, and other substrates with strong water absorption are not suitable for water grinding.


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