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Steel truss plate was born around 2007. It is said that it was a new technology in Germany. At that time, it cost a lot of money. I also wanted to replace the floor bearing plate or compete for the floor bearing plate market.


This kind of material is similar to floor bearing plate, and is also used for floor. The difference is that the steel truss plate can be used in concrete projects, while the floor bearing plate is rarely used in concrete projects.


The steel bar truss plate is welded by steel bar and galvanized plate. The galvanized plate is made of 0.4-0.5mm galvanized plate, which is similar to the flat plate; The steel truss is made of a large number of steel bars by welding, which mainly plays a supporting role.



At the beginning of the promotion, people in the industry did not dare to use it, because it was a new product. Due to the bearing force, we were still more careful. Until 2010, the design specifications came out, and we began to apply them one after another.


This product is not only sensitive to competitive products, but also concerns about new products and new technologies. Later, we found the advantages and disadvantages of steel truss plate and the scope of application.


As for the scope of application, the manufacturer emphasizes that both steel structure and concrete structure are applicable.


First of all, due to the large amount of reinforcement, the steel truss bears a large unsupported span. Therefore, for buildings with a span of more than 4.5 meters, the steel truss plate is better than the floor bearing plate, because it can do a large unsupported span. The suitable span of floor bearing plate is less than 3.6 meters, with high cost performance ratio. The cost of more than 4.5 meters is more expensive than steel truss plate, and the construction is also troublesome (relatively speaking).


Thirdly, due to the large amount of reinforcement, it can bear a lot of late bearing capacity, so for buildings with a late bearing capacity of more than 1.5 tons, the steel truss plate is more suitable (the floor bearing plate needs a lot of reinforcement).


In addition, it is more suitable for industrial plants with low floors. This can avoid the disadvantage of steel truss plate occupying a large number of cranes in high-rise buildings.


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