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Rock wool board is a new material with basalt as the main material, which is mainly used for heat insulation and sound insulation. According to the function of rock wool board, rock wool board can be divided into the following three categories:


  1. Special insulation rock wool board for external wall. The special insulation rock wool board for external wall is specially designed for the external wall insulation system of buildings. It is suitable for buildings with dense structure such as concrete or brick wall. At the same time of heat preservation and noise reduction, it has higher compressive and pull-out strength, good stability, good compatibility with the external wall system, long service life, and basically the same life as the building.



2. Roof special rock wool board. This is a rock wool board specially designed for all kinds of waterproof roofing systems, which integrates fire prevention, noise reduction and thermal insulation. It has good hydrophobicity, moisture resistance, good compression resistance, good stability and no corrosion to metal.


3. The curtain wall is made of rock wool board. This kind of rock wool board is specially designed for curtain wall system, and its performance advantage is that compared with other kinds of rock wool board, it has higher fire resistance temperature, higher melting point and smaller high temperature linear shrinkage. At the same time, it has good hydrophobic and moisture-proof properties, and will not corrode the metal.


The use effect of different types of rock wool board is also different. Rock wool board manufacturers can customize rock wool board for customers according to their needs. The price of rock wool board depends on various geographical or demand factors, so the specific price depends on the situation. Our factory produces all kinds of rock wool board, with advanced technical equipment and technicians to ensure product quality, welcome customers to buy.


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