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Rock wool board is a kind of thermal insulation material made by basalt high temperature melting processing, and it is also a kind of inorganic fiber board.


Foam board is a kind of expandable polystyrene bead. It contains volatile liquid foaming agent. It needs to be treated by heating and preprocessing technology, and a solid white micro closed hole is formed in the mold.


2、 Advantages of rock wool board:

(1)质量轻便便于加工运输使用,对环境影响小无 污 染。

(1) Light weight, convenient for processing and transportation, little impact on the environment, no pollution.



(2) Low thermal conductivity, not easy to burn, not easy to heat transfer and loss.


(3) Noise reduction and sound absorption is a new type of thermal insulation material, which is not easy to produce noise pollution.


(4) The utility model has the advantages of wide use, high cost performance ratio, cost saving, resource saving and energy consumption reduction.

(5)不易燃烧使用安 全,对工人工艺要求较低,施工方便简单。

(5) It is not easy to burn, safe to use, low requirements for workers, and easy to construct.


Three, the advantages of foam board:


(1) The product has the advantages of light weight, low density, high recovery rate, preventing heat transfer and bubble structure.

(2)表面吸水率低,防止水分渗 透,优良的化学性能。

(2) Low surface water absorption, prevent water penetration, excellent chemical properties.


(3) Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to aging, prolong service life, increase cost performance.


(4) It can be used in harsh conditions, high temperature and low temperature will not produce the phenomenon of performance change.


4、 Scope of application: rock wool board is widely used, mainly used in some wall surface insulation work, mostly used in the field of industrial construction. Foam boards are often used in the internal and external walls of buildings, concrete panels, special structures, and heat insulation work of air-conditioned vehicles. Because of its excellent performance and special structure, it is also used in some floor heating work.


Five, the roof rock wool board and foam board have excellent performance. Their difference lies in the different uses of the environment, although the cost of foam board is lower, but the selling price is more expensive. The disadvantage of rock wool board is that its thermal insulation effect is good and its waterproofing performance is poor.


Rock wool board can be used as roof. General building rock wool board has excellent performance of fire prevention, thermal insulation and heat insulation. It is widely used in various buildings. It is a cost-effective and excellent thermal insulation material, which can meet the design requirements of building roof.


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