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Jinan color steel tile is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structure roof, wall and interior and exterior wall decoration. It has the characteristics of light weight, rich color, convenient construction, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rainproof, long service life, maintenance free and so on. Now it has been widely used.


Jinan color steel tile purchasing skills, when purchasing, do not want to check the solid degree of base plate and lamination, the key is that it is composed of base plate and colorful peritoneum, so we have to check the thickness of color steel tile first, the thickness of good quality color steel tile is generally more than 0.5mm, because the thickness of color steel tile will affect the service life of color steel tile, Therefore, it is very important to recognize the thickness.



When you buy, you must check the edge of the colored steel tile outside, and investigate whether there are fine crystals, color changes and impurities. If the crystal of the section is fine, then its quality is better. You can also use your hands or hard objects to quietly touch and listen to the sound when you buy. If the announcement is not bright and loud, it indicates that the quality of the colored steel tile is poor. If the announcement is loud and mellow, the quality of the colored steel tile is better.


In addition, the performance of Jinan color steel tile itself has an important impact on the use reliability, heat insulation function and waterproof function of the building, so we should attach great importance to the selection of materials. The above content is all for you to share today. I hope it can help you. You can contact us by phone or pay attention to our website if you need later


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