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The quality of steel structure (engineering structure) engineering mainly depends on the man-made, welding equipment, construction technology, welding materials, welding technical level and environmental factors. The so-called man, machine, material, method and environment are the five elements. Therefore, in the process of steel structure (engineering structure) engineering implementation, special attention should be paid or useful prevention should be carried out in many cases Alert).

一、对采用的钢材、焊材、焊 接方法和位置(position)、接头形式、施焊预热、后热处理及焊 接工艺参数等,是否按规定进行了焊 接工艺评定。

1、 Whether the welding procedure qualification has been carried out for the steel, welding material, welding method and position, joint form, welding preheating, post heat treatment and welding process parameters.


二、现场拼装的场地平整性,压实度和使用的临时支撑胎架、马櫈的强度(strength)、刚度及稳定(说明:稳固安 定;没有变动)性(Thestabilityof)等是否能满足施工工艺和钢构件拼装后的精度(度)要求。

2、 The site evenness, compactness, strength, rigidity and stability of temporary support jig and saddle used for field assembly (explanation: stable and stable; construction cost: 1; Whether the stability can meet the requirements of construction technology and accuracy of steel components after assembly.


3、 If there should be pre arched components, whether the arched value meets the design requirements has been checked (checked).


4、 During the assembly of steel structure (engineering structure), whether attention has been paid to whether there is no eccentricity between web member and main member or between main pipe and steel ball before welding.


5、 Inspect whether all welders have work license and carry out welding within the specified scope.


6、 Whether the welding operation in low temperature and rainy weather has the corresponding measures to meet the process quality (the solution to the problem).


7、 Whether the welding materials match, and whether the welding rod is dried according to the regulations before use.

八、焊 接缝坡口部位施焊前是否已对锈迹、泥污或误涂的油漆进行了专门的清理,是否已考虑(consider)并采用了使焊 接应力和焊 接变形很小的方法和施焊工艺。

8、 Whether the rust, mud or mistakenly painted paint has been specially cleaned before welding at the groove of welding joint, and whether the method and welding process to minimize welding stress and welding deformation have been considered.

九、焊 接缝间隙是否符合钢结构(工程结构)设计要求。

9、 Whether the welding gap meets the design requirements of steel structure (engineering structure).


10、 Whether the steel lining or gasket required by the design has been lined in place before welding.


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