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Jinan color steel tile C steel is no stranger to everyone. In short, it is a kind of cold-formed section steel that looks like "C" in the English letter, but it can be divided into cold rolling and hot rolling, which are also two forming methods. In addition, the forming methods of C-beam can also be divided into: galvanizing, hot galvanizing, punching and so on. Do you know the cold rolling process of Jinan C-beam? How much do you know about this? Next, we will give you a detailed summary.


Hot rolling and cold rolling are the forming processes of section steel or steel plate, which have great influence on the microstructure and properties of steel. Steel rolling is mainly hot rolling, cold rolling is only used for the production of small section steel and sheet.



Jinan color steel tile C steel structure


Cold rolled C-beam refers to a series of cold working such as cold bending and cold drawing at room temperature. Although the steel formed in this way has not been subjected to thermoplastic compression, there are more or less residual stresses in its section, which will have a certain impact on the bending characteristics of C-beam. The hot rolled C-beam is a phenomenon of internal delamination after hot rolling, which greatly weakens the tensile capacity. What's more, interlaminar tearing may occur, which is very dangerous. Hot rolled C-beam also has residual stress, which is caused by uneven cooling. Under the action of external force, deformation, stability, fatigue resistance will appear problems, to a certain extent, it is dangerous.


Hot rolling can destroy the casting structure of ingot, refine the grain of steel, eliminate the microstructure defects, and improve the dense mechanical properties of steel. This improvement is mainly reflected in the rolling direction, so that the steel is no longer isotropic to a certain extent, and the bubbles, cracks and pores formed in the pouring process can also be welded under high temperature and high pressure. However, cold rolling has the advantages of fast forming speed, high yield and no damage to the coating. It can be made into various cross-section forms to meet the needs of service conditions. Cold rolling can cause great plastic deformation of steel, so as to improve the yield point of steel.


The main differences between Jinan C-beam cold rolling and hot rolling are as follows


1. Local buckling of section is allowed for cold rolled section steel, which can make full use of the post buckling bearing capacity of steel bars, while local buckling of section is not allowed for hot rolled section steel.


2. The reason of producing residual stress is different between hot rolled section and cold rolled section, so the distribution of residual stress on section is also very different.


About Jinan C-beam rolling process, the above content has been summarized in detail for you, I believe you will have a new understanding and understanding after reading, if you want to know more content, you can pay more attention to our website, hope to help you.


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