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Because rock wool has excellent thermal insulation, it has better fire prevention function than EPS foam board. It is very suitable for thermal insulation of building and industrial equipment, pipes, containers and various kilns. Building thermal insulation, that is to prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, is a large application field of rock wool.


Because the rock wool itself has a good fire resistance, thermal insulation performance, if you use this kind of plate in the home decoration. What we need to know is what is the important role of rock wool insulation board in home decoration?



First of all, to avoid the protective effect of fire


According to the explanation, the decoration materials used by users are mostly rock wool materials. In order to avoid the occurrence of fire, and take precautions. Now many families in the process of decoration, will use rock wool board this material, so that this product has better flame retardant performance.


Secondly, it plays a preventive role


Because the rock wool insulation board is not easy to burn, it has good fire performance. Strong flame retardant, so many people choose to use this kind of decoration materials for decoration.


Because this kind of decoration material has good fire performance, so when using this kind of decoration material in home decoration, it can prevent the occurrence of fire.


In fact, in the process of using rock wool insulation board, it will not cause fire because of danger, so this kind of decoration board has entered thousands of households. Of course, its advantages are not as good as these two characteristics, but in the decoration of the family, so it's concise!


In addition, some developed countries produce granular rock wool, which is used for the insulation of roof and sandwich wall. At the same time, it can be used as spraying material to coat the wall, beam or furnace surface for fire protection and thermal insulation.


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