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Jinan galvanized square tube plays an important role in China's economy, its application field is also very wide, affected by the weather and environment, long-term use of Jinan galvanized square tube surface will also appear rust, how to remove rust, the following Zhangqiu hongxiangtai for you to introduce.


Four useful methods to remove rust spots of Jinan galvanized square pipe


  1. In order to achieve the ideal derusting effect of Jinan galvanized square pipe, the abrasives should be selected according to the surface hardness, original corrosion degree, required surface roughness and coating type of the alloy pipe. Single epoxy, double or triple polyethylene coating shall be used. In order to achieve the ideal derusting effect, the mixed abrasive of steel sand and steel shot should be used. Because steel sand can strengthen steel surface, steel sand can corrode steel surface.



2. Derusting grade: for the construction process of commonly used epoxy, ethylene, phenolic and other anti-corrosion coatings, the general requirement is to make the surface close to the white grade. Practice has proved that this derusting grade can remove almost all the scale, rust and other dirt, and fully meet the adhesion requirements of the anti-corrosion coating and Jinan galvanized square pipe, but the non derusting spray derusting process can make the quality close to the white level, and the cost is low.


3. before spray treatment, the grease and scale can be removed. The alloy tube and tube can be pre heated to 40- C through the heating furnace to keep the surface dry, because the surface does not contain grease and other dirt, which can improve the effect of rust removal. In addition, the surface drying is also conducive to the separation of steel shot, steel sand, rust and oxygen skin, so it will make the surface cleaner after rust removal.


4. in order to get a better uniform cleanliness and roughness distribution, the design of abrasive particle size and proportion is very important, because the roughness of Ji'nan galvanized square tube is very easy to cause the anticorrosive coating to dilute at the peak of anchor line, because the anchor wire is too deep, and it is easy to form foam to prevent corrosion, which seriously affects the performance of anticorrosive coating.


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