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How to use the rock wool composite board for exterior wall? It has both rigidity and toughness of reinforced steel, good high temperature resistance, strong mechanical resistance, elegant profile, good understanding of operation and division of perimeter. The selection of tree resin and the demand and supply of tree resin need to be changed, and it is suitable for high temperature, large area and heavy load.


How to use pallet type change of rock wool composite board for external wall? It is a kind of box widely used in shape, chemical industry, light industry, television, telecommunication and other industries. It has many defects, such as light configuration, large load, elegant shape, careless structure and easy operation. It is not only used in the operation of kinetic energy change, but also used in the dressing of control change.


How to use pallet type transformation for exterior wall rock wool composite board? Moreover, its metal removal can be loosened. According to the requirements of user's supply and demand, six structural materials are synthesized, including zinc plating, color spraying and hot galvanizing. In heavy and high temperature occasions, it can be used for limit surface removal.


Tray type change and can be equipped with shield, supply and demand requirements need to be equipped with shield, economic booking goods bookmark, each of its facilities and cascade type, slot type and to use the appropriate application, application, application, application.



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