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C-section steel is made by hot coil cold bending. It has thin wall, light weight, excellent section performance and high strength. Compared with traditional channel steel, the same strength can save 30% of material. But many consumers don't know much about it. Next, let's introduce in detail the thick wall quality control of Jinan color steel tile C-steel structure.


Jinan color steel tile C-type steel structure is widely used in purlin, wall beam of steel structure building, and can also be combined into lightweight roof truss, bracket and other building components. In addition, it can also be used for columns, beams and arms in light industry.


  1. Different users have different requirements for the wall thickness of C-beam. If we want to meet these requirements at the same time, the selected C-beam production process and equipment is very critical. Generally, it is difficult to produce C-beam by cold rolling, so C-beam machining should be adopted.



2. After the material enters from the tail of the C-beam machine, it is pressed down by various rollers, and the formed C-beam is output from the head. This not only optimizes the necessary production process, but also increases the output. It ensures the uniform wall thickness and complex interface shape of caesarean section products.


3. In order to achieve accurate wall thickness, when pressing C-beam, the upper die used by C-beam machine and some of the same size, the size and size of the lower die. In order to install in place before processing, it is necessary not only to ensure the smooth operation of the upper and lower molds, but also to ensure that the surrounding clearance is uniform, so that the wall thickness of the extruded C-beam is uniform.


4. In the process of machining Jinan C-beam, the mould was installed and the main machine was tested. Then start the air compressor, vacuum pump, extruder, brick cutter, feeder, brick press, main machine and conveyor. When stopping, stop the extruder first, and then stop the rest of the equipment.


5. Before using the equipment, check whether the connection is firm, whether the mounting bolts and nuts are tightened, and add enough lubricating oil to the left and right chassis before the engine electrical test. The billet extruded by the extruder is cut into a certain length by the cutter, and then transported to the brick press by the roller conveyor, and then transported to the lower die by the loader according to the specified procedure. The blank pressed out by the C-beam machine on the working position is divided and sucked by the vacuum suction cup of the brick unloader. After dividing, it is placed on the blank support of the conveying line.


6. The wall thickness of C-beam produced by this method can be very thin, which greatly simplifies the production process and improves the production efficiency. It can produce all kinds of color steel cold bending equipment with average wall thickness but complicated cross section shape, which are difficult to produce by ordinary hot rolling method


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