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Rock wool industry is not only a vibrant industry, but also an emerging discipline. We actively explore and keep forging ahead. Our employees, based on the enterprise spirit of "enthusiastic service, solid love post", with strong economic strength and good industry style, have won the support and trust of new and old customers. With the in-depth implementation of "code for fire protection design of buildings" and the increasingly strict fire control, the external thermal insulation system of rock wool board has become an important part of public construction projects and high-rise buildings. However, the construction units are still worried about this system


Can it fall off


If the method of Jerry building is still in accordance with the previous EPS board era, Ji'nan rock wool foam board company will almost certainly drop.



Can it seep


If the rock wool system seeps, the consequences will be unimaginable.


Is the constructability good


A bulk density of 140Kg/, Shandong rock wool foam board company, the size of 1200mm*600mm*100mm rock wool board weight is about 20000 Jin. If the early strength and bonding strength of the mortar are low, wind sways grass will occur during this period. During this period, it is possible to fall off. The early strength of a rock wool mortar is poor, and the mortar strength of the adhesive mortar is falling down from the wall before the strength is high. The strength of the mortar is low and the early strength is poor. The Ji'nan rock wool foam board company is falling off while the construction is being completed.


Acidity coefficient is the index value to measure the chemical durability of rock wool. It is the mass ratio of the sum of silica and alumina to the sum of Cao and MgO. Acidity coefficient is an important index to evaluate the quality of rock wool products. It has high acidity coefficient, good weather resistance and long service life. At the same time, the acidity coefficient is also an important means to distinguish between rock wool and slag wool. Slag cotton raw material is mainly slag, the acidity coefficient lt; 1.5, rock wool raw material is mainly basalt, the acidity coefficient ≥ 1.6.


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