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Zhangqiu hongxiangtai color steel tile Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of C steel structure of Ji'nan color steel tile, Ji'nan rock wool foam board and Ji'nan floor composite panel. Its products are characterized by its beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and strong durability. It is widely used in various industrial plants, containerized movable board rooms, fixed board rooms, villas, residential buildings and all kinds of building adding stories.



Jinan color steel plate house has 10 cm thick floor below, 8 cm concrete cushion below, 2 cm cement mortar floor above, and 6 cm square steel pipe columns fixed above. The columns are connected to form the whole roof truss, and then the galvanized color steel plate is fixed on the roof truss with bolts.


Galvanized color steel plate thickness 80 mm, two sides are 0.4 mm galvanized steel, the middle is foam like polystyrene material, steel plate water, fire, durable, polyphenyl material insulation, warmth, light. The color plates are buckled together.


How to eat and use water for the residents in the resettlement sites? A water intake room and a kitchen are designed for every nine prefabricated houses. The color steel prefabricated houses are the same size as the residents' houses. About 15 taps are installed in the water intake room. The kitchen stove has been built during the construction, and six or seven stoves can be put on it, basically allowing nine families to cook at the same time. During the construction, a 200 mm diameter sewer has been laid underground, and the outlets of the kitchen and water intake room have been connected, so there will be no sewage in the whole resettlement site.


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