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Today's high-quality refractory panels are mainly made of basalt and other natural ores. After melting, the internationally advanced four roll centrifugal cotton making process and high temperature basalt wool solution are put into 4-7 μ m discontinuous fibers. Then put a certain amount of adhesive, dustproof oil, a small number of self-made, transportation, hardening, cutting and other processes on the rock wool fiber, and make a series of products with different densities according to the use. Below Jinan rock wool board for you to explain the difference between horizontal and vertical rock wool.


The main difference of fireproof rock wool board on the market is the physical distribution of fiber, which is divided into layering and folding, also known as horizontal and vertical yarn. Jinan rock wool board manufacturers remind you that the main difference between horizontal line and vertical line of fireproof rock wool board lies in the difference of production process.


Ji'nan rock wool foam board


The main production process of transverse process is to blow out high-temperature melt by centrifugal force to form rock surface fiber, which can be stacked on the conveyor belt of alternate room. After reaching a certain thickness, the silk Refractory rock wool board enters the curing furnace through the pressure roller. In the chamber method, the mixed fibers are distributed in the plane, and the density and uniformity of the joint are not good, which affects the performance and interlaminar bonding strength of the compression plate.



According to the single pendulum method or three-dimensional method of rock wool production process production of rock wool insulation board. The pendulum method is based on the alternative method. Through the improved method of cotton collection, firstly, the thin rock wool layer is collected on the collection platform, and the pendulum is paved with a certain number of layers and thickness. The rollers are hardened under pressure in a curing oven and then processed by cooling, cutting, packaging and other finished products. This method improves the uniformity of the cotton layer and the glue. Due to the inclination of the pavement, the fiber part is vertically distributed, and the compressive strength and interlayer bonding strength are improved.


Jinan rock wool board manufacturers for you to sum up, horizontal steel wire and vertical steel wire rock wool board physical properties exist tensile strength, compressive strength, conversion coefficient difference.


Generally speaking, the tensile strength of the vertical wool rock wool belt is 1-2 times of the tensile strength. The compressive strength of horizontal block wool sliver with the same bulk density is similar, and the resonance coefficient is slightly lower than that of horizontal block wool sliver. Vertical sandstone surface strip can overcome the disadvantage of low tensile strength of horizontal sandstone surface and meet the use of external wall insulation.


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