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1. 清洁

1. Cleaning


Solvent and emulsion can remove grease, dirt, leveling agent and other similar organic substances, but can not remove rust, dirt and flux on the steel surface, so they can only be used as auxiliary means in anti-corrosion production.

2. 喷(抛)锈

2. Spraying (throwing) rust


Spray (Pao) rust is sprayed from the blades and blades of high speed motors with high speed rotation, so that abrasive, steel balls, metal fragments and minerals can be sprayed to the surface of the steel tube under the influence of centrifugal force. Yes, it can not only completely remove rust, oxidation and dust, but also achieve the required average roughness under the influence of rough impact and friction.



After spraying (polishing) and derusting, the physical adsorption effect on the outer surface of Jinan galvanized steel pipe can be extended, and the mechanical bonding effect between the anti-corrosion coating and the outer surface of the pipe can be improved. Therefore, spray rust removal is an ideal way to remove rust. Shot peening is generally used for internal and external treatment of pipeline, and shot peening is mainly used for surface treatment of pipeline.


3. Tool derusting


Firstly, the surface of Jinan galvanized steel pipe was polished with wire brush to remove loose or elongated oxide scale, rust and welding slag. The derusting ability of hand tools can reach SA2, and that of electric tools can reach SA3. If strong iron oxide scale is attached on the steel surface, the rust removal effect is not ideal, and the anchorage depth required for corrosion-resistant structure cannot be obtained.

4. 酸洗

4. Pickling


It can be used for sandblasting after pickling, chemical pickling for anticorrosion of Jinan galvanized steel pipe, removal and derusting of oxide scale, rust and old coating. Chemical cleaning may inevitably look clean and rough, but the anchoring mode is shallow and vulnerable to contamination.


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