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Rock wool foam board is widely used in daily life. The rock wool board manufacturer believes that its main role is insulation and noise insulation. It is widely recognized in shipping, metallurgy, electric power construction and other industries. Because of its convenient installation and energy saving characteristics, how to judge whether it is a good rock wool insulation board product? Let's have a look with rock wool board manufacturers.


1. Rock wool insulation board should have high sound absorption coefficient. The sound absorption effect of rock wool insulation board mainly depends on the density of rock wool board in unit area. The higher the density, the better the sound absorption effect.



2. A good rock wool composite board should have low hygroscopicity. After most insulation materials absorb water, their insulation effect will be significantly reduced, because water has a higher thermal conductivity. Therefore, rock wool board manufacturers recommend that customers choose waterproof rock wool board.


3. It should have low thermal conductivity. Rock wool board manufacturers introduce that thermal conductivity is an important index to measure the performance of rock wool board. The smaller the thermal conductivity is, the less energy is transferred through the material, and the better the thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation rock wool board is.


4. Rock wool board manufacturers believe that a good insulation rock wool composite board must have high strength to support the self weight.


The above is the introduction of the rock wool foam board factory to judge the quality of the rock wool composite board, and I hope it will help everyone. If you want to know more about rock wool board, please pay attention to our website at any time:


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