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(1) The coating quality does not meet the requirements

钢结构(工程结构)工程涂刷防腐油漆后,未起到防腐保护作用,产生反锈、流坠、皱拆和裂纹等。 (二)施涂防腐油漆的程序(procedure)不符合要求

After the steel structure (engineering structure) project is coated with anti-corrosion paint, it does not play the role of anti-corrosion protection, resulting in anti rust, falling, wrinkling and cracking. (2) The procedure of applying anticorrosive paint does not meet the requirements


  1. During the construction of steel structure (engineering structure) in the two stages of manufacture and installation, the times and procedures of painting primer and finish do not meet the anti-corrosion requirements of steel structure engineering.



1.1 the times and thickness of primer and top coat are not in accordance with the regulations


1.2 the painting times of primer and topcoat of anti-corrosion coating of steel structure (engineering structure) are less than those specified.


1.3 steel structure (engineering structure) company takes the required coating times and thickness as the cost of anti-corrosion man hour and paint for anti-corrosion coating construction of steel structure (engineering structure) project when making construction budget. However, in actual construction, it often cuts corners and fails to apply according to the required times and thickness. The number of times and thickness are reduced, which can not play the role of anti-corrosion protection.


2. The procedure of anticorrosive topcoat for steel structure (engineering structure) does not meet the requirements


At present, steel structure (engineering structure) companies (including production and installation companies) have not yet unified the application procedure of steel structure anti-corrosion topcoat. Some production units have completed the application of primer and topcoat before shipment. Due to the damage of most topcoats during hoisting and transportation, they have to repair the topcoat on the installation site, resulting in the quality and color difference of topcoat connection It is also a waste of working hours and paint materials; some manufacturing units have finished the primer application and shipped it to the installation site, but the installation units have applied the topcoat at high altitude after all the components have been fixed and installed, resulting in poor quality of topcoat application, which not only has no anti-corrosion effect, but also is unsafe, and wastes a lot of working hours, materials and increases the engineering cost.


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