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In recent years, floor bearing steel plate is widely used in construction at home and abroad. With the development of high-rise building, floor bearing steel plate is increasingly promoted and used. The so-called composite slab is a kind of layout mode that makes full use of the information and layout characteristics of steel and concrete to work together as a whole.


The formwork will receive the construction load during the construction period, and work together with the concrete during the application period to receive the application load. At present, profiled steel plate composite plate is widely used. Floor bearing steel plate is a very reasonable layout. It can give full play to the advantages of steel tensile and concrete compressive functions according to the orientation and characteristics of its components, and has outstanding seismic and construction functions.



Floor bearing steel plate steel bar truss the two ends of the floor bearing plate are equipped with bearing vertical bars, which can be welded with the steel beam during slab laying. The end stud can be directly welded on the steel beam, and the welding quality is not affected by the compression to the steel plate. During the operation period, the vertical reinforcement of the support and the stud work together to enhance the shear effect.


The steel truss is welded by imported equipment. The distance between the upper and lower chords and the web bars is stable. The thickness of the concrete cover can be effectively ensured, which brings convenience to the construction and ensures the quality of the floor.


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