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Two component polyurethane adhesive is used in rock wool board construction. Polyurethane adhesive (PU adhesive) is a kind of adhesive containing carbamate (- nhcoo -) or isocyanate (- NCO) in molecular chain, which is obtained by reaction of isocyanate and hydroxyl compounds such as polyester, polyether, castor oil or other polyols. It is one of the important synthetic adhesives with excellent properties, strong molecular designability, wide physical properties and wide application range.



Construction site of rock wool board


Two component polyurethane adhesive is a kind of Pu product with many varieties, large dosage and wide application. The two components of the product are packaged separately, easy to store, adjustable performance, high adhesive strength, wide range of application, good weather resistance and other characteristics, showing unique advantages in the field of application. Polyurethane adhesives are mainly divided into polyisocyanate and polyurethane. According to the way of use, polyurethane adhesives can be divided into one-component and two-component. The isocyanate group and the urethane group have strong polarity and chemical activity, so they have good chemical bonding ability to porous materials (leather, foam, etc.) and surface polished materials (glass, metal, etc.). And polyurethane adhesive has many advantages, such as good flexibility, good shock resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, high bond strength, etc. Two component polyurethane adhesives can be divided into solvent type and solvent-free type according to the presence or absence of solvent.


Solvent based polyurethane adhesive technology is mature, but the volatilization of organic solvents not only wastes resources, but also threatens the environment and production safety.


Solvent free polyurethane adhesive has obvious advantages


1、 No solvent volatilization and complete use;


2、 There is no need to dry out the solvent, which belongs to energy saving and emission reduction technology;


3、 High production efficiency, suitable for automatic production line. Solvent free two-component polyurethane (PU) adhesive is an important research direction in PU adhesive industry because of its good bonding effect, adjustable hardness, stable storage and solvent-free volatilization.


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