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Rock wool foam board is a high quality and inexpensive thermal insulation product. Many production enterprises have their own production boards, walls and roofs. So the rock wool board manufacturers need to supply large quantities of boards every day. So, what problems should factory workers pay attention to when carrying rock wool board?



Rock wool board is made of rock wool fiber. Workers should avoid contact with rock wool board as much as possible during the transportation. Therefore, Ji'nan rock wool foam board manufacturers should provide gloves, masks and goggles for workers to protect workers properly.


Rock wool foam board is relatively easy to break the plate, so the workers should be as light as possible when handling, do not drag and drop the board on the ground, and can not throw at any time, so as not to scratch the surface of the board, or throw the middle contact ground fracture, resulting in losses.


Rock wool foam board manufacturers produce a variety of thickness and size of rock wool board, so workers should pay attention to check the relevant signs of plates when handling, do not put different specifications and thickness of the plate together. In addition, the workers should also pay attention to the protection of the packaging of the plate in the process of handling, and try not to tear the plastic packaging of the rock wool board.


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