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Rock wool insulation board anti cracking, waterproof and anti pollution have been three major problems in the exterior wall decoration: the design of the three prevention system of the integrated thermal insulation and decoration board not only ensures the decoration effect of the initial installation, but also ensures the long-term decorative function and energy-saving and thermal insulation performance through the patented technology of cross, groove or butterfly fastener.


The integrated board of thermal insulation and decoration meets the ideas of the owners and designers, and makes the building become an artist, but also a thinker: the exterior wall decoration has not only satisfied the protection and simple decoration function, but also become the image representative of the owner, and the pursuit of the owner has become the expression of ideological art.

为了防止离心玻璃棉纤维洒出,需要在穿孔板背后附一层无纺布、桑皮纸等透声织物,或使用玻璃布、塑料薄膜等包裹保温岩棉保温板。保温装饰一体化板尺寸与随意分格相得益彰,保温装饰一体化板标准尺寸为 1220mm×2440mm,并根据经验推荐了如1200mm×600mm、800mm×600mm常用尺寸,方便客户选择。同时vnsc3775威尼斯城官网厂家,对于特别创意的设计保温装饰一体化板的良好的加工性能则提供了随意分格的方便性。

In order to prevent the centrifugal glass wool fiber from spilling out, it is necessary to attach a layer of sound permeable fabric such as non-woven fabric and mulberry paper behind the perforated plate, or use glass cloth and plastic film to wrap the insulation rock wool insulation board. The standard size of thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is 1220 mm × 2440 mm. According to experience, the commonly used sizes such as 1200mm × 600mm and 800mm × 600mm are recommended for customers to choose. At the same time, rock wool board manufacturers, for the special creative design of insulation decoration integration board, good processing performance provides the convenience of random division.


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