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Color steel tile C-type steel structure is very popular in the market at present, it is directly used in various fields. However, in the production of C-section steel, people can not forget the quenching process. Quenching is mainly to change the internal mechanical properties of C-beam, so that it can withstand all kinds of impact, reduce the possibility of steel damage.


Under normal circumstances, people need to know all kinds of materials inside C-section steel for quenching, and then grasp the relevant quenching temperature. Temperature has a great influence on the whole quenching effect. If the temperature does not reach a better state, directly put the processed C-section steel into the coolant, its internal structure will not change too much, directly wasting the quenching cost. In addition, the quenching temperature of different C-type steel is different, so people need to understand the relevant information in detail to ensure that the temperature reaches a better situation.



C-type steel structure of Jinan color steel tile


When immersed in the coolant, do not hesitate to immerse directly. In this way, the cooling effect of the whole C-beam can be kept the same. If only half is immersed in the coolant, the remaining half will be immersed, which will affect the quenching effect.


Therefore, the mechanical properties of C-beam can be greatly changed by paying attention to the above two points. This article is provided by Jinan C steel finishing, hope to help you, want to learn more, welcome to click our Official website.


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