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There are many kinds of composite board, such as rock wool composite board, polystyrene composite board, polyurethane composite board, aluminum plastic composite board, stone composite board, etc.


  1. Rock wool composite board: the core material is made of rock wool with vertical filament fiber, and the surface layer of color steel plate is used. Through automatic continuous molding machine, it is bonded with high-strength adhesive after molding. Because the color steel plate and core material rock wool are non combustible, their fire resistance is excellent.



2. Polystyrene composite board: a new type of high-energy composite building material, which is made of color steel plate as surface layer, closed hole self extinguishing polystyrene as core material, molded by automatic continuous molding machine and then bonded with polyurethane (a, b) adhesive. It has the characteristics of heat preservation and waterproof, fast construction speed, durable economy and trade, beautiful and elegant, It is mainly used in public buildings, industrial plants, combined cold storage, building connecting floors, commercial pavilions, etc.


3. Polyurethane composite board: polyurethane is used as the core material, which has the same characteristics as the polystyrene composite board. Besides, it is not easy to burn, and has the advantages of small shrinkage, no embrittlement, non-toxic, non corrosive and stable thermal conductivity when used at ultra-low temperature.


4. Aluminum plastic composite board: referred to as aluminum plastic plate, refers to the three-layer composite plate with plastic as the core layer and aluminum material on both sides, and the decorative and protective coating or film (if not specified, it is generally referred to as coating) as the decorative surface of the product.


5. Stone composite board: the ultra-thin stone composite board is made of two or more different plates bonded with adhesive. The surface material is natural stone, and the base material is ceramic tile, stone, glass or aluminum honeycomb. The stone composite board has not only the advantages of natural stone performance characteristics, but also practical performance comparative advantages, sound insulation and moisture-proof, energy saving and consumption reducing, high strength and strong anti pollution ability.


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