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Jinan galvanized square pipe is mainly used for oil and natural gas transportation pipeline, and has important industrial use. When we use Jinan galvanized square tube, we need to stack it correctly, otherwise it will not only affect the use effect of the product, but also affect the service life of the product. So how to stack Jinan galvanized square pipe is the right method? What should be paid attention to when stacking?


Choose a ventilated warehouse for storage.



Jinan galvanized square tube needs to keep a suitable storage environment during storage. It should be placed in a well ventilated and clean warehouse with smooth drainage and no sundries around, so as to keep the products clean and beautiful. When stacking, attention should be paid to the horizontal and orderly storage of Jinan galvanized square pipes. The stacking height should be controlled within 1.5 meters, and the stacking height should not be too high. If the stacking is too high, it is easy to cause the roundness deformation of steel pipes and affect the use.


Several problems and protective measures for stacking galvanized square pipes in Jinan


Protective measures shall be taken for open stacking.


If there is no warehouse for Jinan galvanized square pipe, it can also be stacked in the open environment, but it must be well protected. When the steel pipes are stacked in the open air, they must be padded with wood or stone. The stacking surface is slightly inclined to facilitate drainage. And a cover is needed to cover it so that it can keep away from heat sources and prevent rain and moisture.


Stack according to a certain specification and variety.


In order to prevent the galvanized square pipes from being piled up disorderly in Jinan, the stacking should be carried out according to the varieties and specifications, and the stability of the stacked products should be ensured to prevent rolling.


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