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Many times, the outer wall rock wool board and the Extrusion board are not clear, is the outer wall rock wool board extrusion board? Let's take a look. Using high quality basalt and dolomite as raw materials, rock wool board series products of external wall are melted at 1450 ℃ to make rock wool products with various hardness. Rock wool board is widely used in places with requirements of heat preservation, fire prevention and sound insulation.



Because of its fine and flexible structure, rock wool fiber has the characteristics of high compressive strength and high tensile strength. Extruded board is a rigid board made of polystyrene resin by continuous extrusion and foaming by special process. Its interior is an independent closed bubble structure. It is a kind of high pressure resistant, non water absorbing, moisture-proof and environmental protection insulation material. It has excellent performance of air tightness, light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life and low thermal conductivity. From the point of view of the characteristics and places of use of these two materials, it seems that they are similar to a series of materials.


However, in terms of raw materials and properties, rock wool board of external wall belongs to inorganic thermal insulation material, which is made of iron slag as the main raw material and melted and cooled by high-pressure steam jet. It is a rigid foam board heated and mixed with polystyrene resin and polymer, and then extruded continuous rigid foam tank.


From the perspective of construction technology, rock wool composite board of external wall belongs to class a fire-resistant insulation board with high fire resistance grade, but its insulation effect is relatively poor, and due to the defects of large capacity, the construction is difficult. The price is the same as extruded board, the difference is not big. Extruded board: no A-class fire resistance rating, the highest fire-resistant grade is B1, and the fire suffocation. Therefore, the outer wall rock wool board does not belong to Extrusion board. If we compare from all aspects, we can choose rock wool board without hesitation when choosing exterior wall decoration materials.


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