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Rock wool composite board, also known as rock wool thermal insulation decorative board, is an inorganic fiber board made of basalt as the main raw material by high temperature melting. The rock wool composite board is a new type of heat preservation, flame-proof and sound-absorbing material. Rock wool composite board, external wall insulation rock wool board, rock wool insert wire board, fireproof rock wool board manufacturer


Rock wool composite board is a kind of artificial inorganic fiber processed by high temperature melting. Rock wool composite board has the characteristics of light weight, small thermal conductivity, heat absorption and non combustion in the price list product library of Xing'an League rock wool board. The initial development is a common application type in construction, and it is mostly used in industrial buildings, which should comply with the provisions of "application types and basic requirements of building thermal insulation materials".



Rock wool is a kind of inorganic fiber made from natural rocks such as basalt, diabase and andesite by melting and fibrosis. After processing, the fibers can be made into board, rock wool composite plate, pipe, felt, tape, paper and other high-quality heat-resistant insulation sound-absorbing materials, which can be used for thermal insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption and seismic resistance of buildings and industrial equipment, pipes, containers and various kilns.


Slag wool and rock wool products are characterized by easy access to raw materials, rock wool composite board can be used locally to turn harm into profit. In addition, the production energy consumption is low. The cost of rock wool board price list product library in Xing'an League is low, which can be called high temperature resistant, cheap, long-term, excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound-absorbing materials. Therefore, in the production and marketing process of heat preservation materials, their output is * large, Rock wool plug-in board, fireproof rock wool board manufacturer - Langfang Shenghao external wall rock wool composite board manufacturer has a wide market share and comprehensive advantages. However, although they belong to the same type of products, their performance is slightly different.


The high service temperature of slag cotton is 600 ~ 650 ℃, the fiber is short and brittle; the high service temperature of rock wool is 820 ~ 870 ℃, the fiber is long, the chemical durability and water resistance are better than slag cotton.


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