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More and more materials have been widely applied in the expansion of engineering construction. The Ji'nan foam composite board is a good material with good effect and frequency. During construction, the correct construction method should be applied to the composite board and some related matters should be noticed, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the whole project. So, what should we pay attention to in the construction of foam composite panels? In order to make the materials used more long, how to store them?

济南岩棉泡沫板 施工注意什么?

Ji'nan rock wool foam board construction pay attention to what?


1. It is necessary to pay attention to rain proof. It is not allowed to construct in rainy days. When composite board is used for cold insulation, damp proof layer should be added. In case of special low temperature, its damp proof layer also needs to be fireproof


When the temperature exceeds the temperature, such as 200 ℃, the insulation plus appropriate external protection, so that its thickness and bulk density will not change



2. Insulation equipment, insulation nails and pipes may accept appropriate coating for corrosion protection. In addition, there should be no leakage. This can achieve good results. Insulation equipment, insulation nails and anti-corrosion pipes can be properly coated. In addition, there should be no leakage. This can achieve good results.


If the finished product is easy to be mechanically abraded under outdoor thermal insulation, metal or plastic wrapping should be used. Then pay attention to the joint position and joint sealing. If necessary, glue seal should be added. The stacking part of the wrapping layer should not be less than 100 mm.


When the insulation object is placed at 90 degrees and some height, the insulation should be provided with positioning pin or supporting ring, and the spacing should not be greater than 3 meters, so as to prevent the insulation material from sliding downward in case of vibration.


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