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Jinan C-section steel is mainly used for the processing of high-rise steel structure. In order to improve its operation stability, steel-concrete composite structure is usually used. Next, Jinan color steel tile C-shaped steel structure will show you the design requirements of C-shaped steel frame and its practical application in life, I hope it will help you!


In order to ensure the application of C-section steel in steel structure, steel cutting should be carried out on the shear or saw machine as far as possible, especially the thin-walled steel roof truss, so as to ensure the precision cutting and blanking. This method can not only improve the work efficiency, but also ensure the quality. C-section steel has excellent section properties and high strength.


C-section steel is mainly formed by cold bending in the manufacturing process, and various accessories can be connected into different combination modes in the use process. The shape of C-section steel is beautiful, which can reduce the weight of building roof and reduce the amount of steel used in engineering. Therefore, it is called economic steel, which is a new building material to replace traditional steel purlins such as angle steel, channel steel and steel pipe. It is mainly used in ground system or roof system. The installation site is an outdoor roof platform with adjustable installation angle and wind load of 60m / s.


Jinan C-section steel is often used in housing construction. That is to say, when it is used as a building material, it is not only strong but also stable. Under the same service conditions, compared with the previous aluminum alloy, C-beam has the advantages of unique shape, less consumption and good environmental protection. In all kinds of buildings, the movable house is the beneficiary of C-section steel. Purlins of movable rooms can not only be made of C-section steel, but also supports and beams. In addition, it can be combined into light roof truss, bracket and other building components to meet different requirements.



C-section steel is usually used in housing construction. In other words, this kind of steel has advantages when used as building materials. It is not only strong but also stable.


At the same time, compared with the aluminum alloy used before, the C-beam is not only unique in appearance, but also less used, and environmental protection is outstanding.


In all kinds of buildings, the movable room is a big beneficiary of C-section steel. Purlins of movable rooms can not only be made of C-section steel, but also supports and beams. In addition, it can be combined into light roof truss, bracket and other building components to meet different application requirements.


In order to facilitate the processing of C-section steel, a special C-shaped steel forming machine has been developed, which can automatically complete the processing of different types of C-section steel according to the scale required by customers. Of course, with the development of C-beam, its use is far more than this. It will appear in all walks of life in all fields.


The above is the Jinan C-shaped steel frame design requirements and application introduction, through the detailed description of this paper, you can have a certain understanding and understanding of C zinc steel, hope the above content can help you. In addition, if you want to know more about it, you can pay more attention to our website!


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