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In the process of use, under the cantilever condition, the floor bearing plate is only used as a permanent formwork. The cantilever length can be determined according to the cross-section characteristics of the floor bearing plate. In order to prevent the cantilever slab from cracking, negative reinforcement should be installed at the support according to the design of structural engineer.

vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网搁置在钢梁上时应防止探头。铺料时操作人员应系安全带,并保证边铺设边固定在周边安全绳上。 焊接采用熔透点焊连接,施焊前应准备边角料引弧试焊,调整施焊电流。

When the floor bearing plate is placed on the steel beam, the probe shall be prevented. When paving materials, the operator should fasten the safety belt and ensure that it is fixed on the surrounding safety rope while laying. Penetration spot welding is used for welding. Before welding, the welding current shall be adjusted by preparing the leftover materials for arc striking test welding.



In the process of construction, floor bearing plate is a very important auxiliary material, and has a very important role, mainly used as a permanent template, can also be selected for other purposes. The embossing on the surface of the profiled plate can produce the maximum binding force between the floor bearing plate and the concrete, and make the two form a whole. With the stiffening rib, the floor bearing plate system has high-strength bearing capacity.


Since there is no horizontal formwork and vertical support at the bottom of the floor bearing plate, the distribution of concrete should not be too concentrated when pouring concrete, and the plate vibrator should be used to share the vibration in time. The products are widely used in power plants, power equipment companies, automobile exhibition halls, steel structure workshops and other projects. If you have product needs, you are welcome to call for consultation.


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