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At present, most of the buildings are made of steel, and the buildings are more and more dense. Once there is a fire, it is difficult to extinguish it. Industry insiders pointed out that the steel structure (engineering structure) components should be steel column. The column is the main pressure bearing component of the whole light steel structure building. Due to the long-time high temperature in the fire, it will produce partial buckling, overall buckling and section yield, which requires the steel structure fireproof coating.


Fire retardant coating column is the primary load-bearing component in steel structure (engineering structure). Painting the column with fire-retardant coating will increase the fire-resistant limit of steel structure. In fire-resistant design, the safety of steel column should be ensured first. The application of fire-retardant coating in steel column is extensive. Therefore, the construction team must pay attention to the importance of steel column during construction and purchase fire-retardant coating for steel column When you must choose the formal fire retardant coating manufacturer, purchase, to ensure the safety of steel column components of steel structure.


1、 Type selection of fire retardant coating for steel structure (engineering structure)


就以省枣庄市为例,每年涉及(to involve)到钢结构(工程结构)的建设工程约有一百余个;发现在实际工程中钢结构(工程结构)防火涂料的正确选用上存在一些问题,常常有一些混淆乱用现象,笔者分析(Analyse)认为其中大致有以下三种情况:

Taking Zaozhuang City as an example, there are more than 100 construction projects involving steel structure (engineering structure) every year. It is found that there are some problems in the correct selection of fire retardant coating for steel structure (engineering structure) in practical projects, and there are often some confusion and misuse. The author analyzes and thinks that there are three situations as follows:


One is to confuse the fire retardant coating of indoor steel structure (engineering structure) with that of outdoor steel structure. The outdoor use environment is much harsher than the indoor environment. The coating should be exposed to the sun, rain, wind and freezing. The fire retardant coating with water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, aging resistance and high strength should be selected. However, in the actual inspection, it is found that the fire-proof coating only suitable for indoor is used in some projects.


The second is that the correct fire retardant coating cannot be selected for load-bearing steel structure (engineering structure) whose fire resistance limit is greater than 1.5h. Some designers mistakenly believe that the fire resistance time of the fire retardant coating is directly proportional to the thickness of the coating. As long as the thickness of the fire retardant coating is increased, the fire resistance time of the coating can be increased accordingly. Therefore, some ultra-thin coatings are wrongly applied to the load-bearing steel structure whose fire resistance limit is greater than 1.5h.


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