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1, cutting of closed cell foam board: cutting with hot wire cutter or other special tools, diagonal error of + 2mm, processing according to actual size. The vertical dimension is ± 2mm.


2. Preparation of adhesive: prepare adhesive mortar with electric mixer according to the mix proportion, and it is appropriate to use up the mortar within 45 minutes at a time.


3. 250mm wide package bottom grid cloth is pre applied on the closed cell foam board on both sides of the deformation suture.


4. Apply a circle of adhesive around the closed cell foam board. The width is 50mm, the thickness is 10mm, and the width of the 30mmX50mm is wide at the side. The center of the board is set up by the plum blossom shape, the spacing is 150mm-200mm, and the diameter is 100mm. The ratio of bonding area to the area of closed cell foam board is not less than 40%, and the other floor is not less than 30%. After plastering the adhesive, the Board shall be erected immediately and pasted in place. When pasting, it shall be gently kneaded and evenly squeezed, and the vertical flatness shall be checked with the line supporting board at any time. The plates shall be squeezed tightly, and no adhesive shall be applied at the joint. Paste the closed cell foam board should be up and down the wrong seam, each paste a piece of board, should promptly remove the extrusion adhesive, no gaps on the board surface, if there is a gap, the corresponding width of closed foam board stuffing.



6. In the corner of the external wall, vertical joints between the upper and lower rows of closed foam plates should be vertically interlaced to ensure the perpendicularity of the plate installation.


7. The flat joints of the closed foam board should be grinded with coarse sand paper or other grinding tools, then the entire closed cell foam board will be ground again. The coarse sand paper should be lined with flat sheets, and the grinding action should be gentle circular motion. After grinding, clean the crumbs with brush or compressed air.


8, if the design is required, the decorative seam can be pulled out on the closed cell foam board.


Installation of fixings: (upper or middle level) drilling with a percussive drill on a well closed foam board. The hole is deeper than the base of the wall, not less than 30mm, the quantity is 4-5 per square meter, but there are not less than 1 closed cell foam plates for each single block. The closed cell foam board is fixed on the wall with the 8- 8- 10 polyethylene expansion plug, and the wooden screw is screwed to the flat surface with the closed cell foam board.


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