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Jinan rock wool board is a kind of material with good moisture resistance. Its application is mainly in some complex thermal insulation environment. Ordinary rock wool material has certain insulation and isolation performance, but it often does not have good moisture resistance in use. In the face of rain washing or some relatively humid environment, rock wool material is easier to reflect under many external conditions, thus affecting the application of the whole panel.


The characteristics of rock wool board are relatively stable, and it uses good silicone material as a special waterproof and moisture-proof agent. In the application, it can greatly improve the use properties of rock wool material, and constantly promote its special performance in application, so as to play a good level of composite properties.



The price of this kind of material is relatively low. For the complex and changeable environment, especially for the warehouse with high storage and protection requirements, the application of hydrophobic rock wool board will play a very good practical effect and provide a good way for people to solve problems.


Generally speaking, the thermal insulation structure is filled with a large number of pores and air. The existence of these pores will form one person after another in the material, but it is also a superimposed thermal resistance. In this way, after a certain thickness of insulation material, the thermal resistance has become very large, and the heat flow will become very small to achieve the purpose of thermal insulation. Once it is soaked in water, the internal pores are filled with water, and the thermal insulation performance of the material without thermal resistance is greatly reduced. This is also the reason for the development and production of hydrophobic rock wool board.


In the actual working conditions, the probability of various thermal insulation materials contacting with water is very large, not only because water is an important working medium in industry, but also in the daily environment, it will rain from time to time. Such as rock wool board, which can effectively prevent water from penetrating into the structure, so as to avoid damage to the structure performance, has become a rare product.


Jinan rock wool board is processed with special material to make its surface full of material. In this way, when contacting with water, the surface will repel water molecules, thus avoiding the possibility of further diffusion to the interior, avoiding the decline of its thermal insulation performance and extending its service life.


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